Discover our why !

Why (we) love Ruby?

Becouse it’s promote best practice in programming, useful for both learn new things and create new innovative product.

This is the tool that allows us to tackle new projects, from analysis to delivery.

And it’s de-facto the best prototyping language for its time-to-market.

In the end, this our of the best tools that we use.


Seesaw not (only) a Ruby company

Characteristics and philosophy of Ruby, inspired us go further.

Technology world is very challenging, but our structured approach enable us to shape them for our projects and customers problems.

Our know-how able us to face up to taylormade project, choosing every time the most suitable languages, tools and methodology.

Need example? VueJS!


We design and make software solutions

Our skills are basically 6.
Choose what we can do for you.

#product development

Thanks to our 15 years of
experience in legacy and modern
systems integration, we can
improve your software with the
latest technologies_

#staff augmentation

If your company needs new
lifeblood or competences for your project, we have all the assets to fulfil it.
We can boost your development team even for a fixed time

#upgrade your tech stack

Learning is in our DNA and we firmly believe that an essential part of our work has to be sharing knowledge, both internally and with others. We offer trainings to transfer competences and awareness_

#mobile applications

Whether you are a startup with an idea, an agency with a campaign that needs an interactive tool, or a well-grounded agency with the need for a new product, we offer you an arsenal of technologies. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to the best choice from technological analysis to publishing on the application stores_


Selling online is an opportunity to be seized, and we enable you to do it by providing simple, secure, maintainable software, tailored on your business needs, so as to allow you to concentrate on business management._

#web application

We can satisfy in a short time the need for a professional website, thanks to expressly created tools, that allow great maintainability even in the most complex cases. We offer fitted solutions, starting from a simple and quick showcase website, up to ad hoc management software application._


We love share our knowledge

We learn, learn, learn every day through our job. But for us is also important to share this knowledge.

We spoke about ghost bugs, the power of git, software quality, defeat and more. You can find some of our talks below (Italian only).

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